Architect Homes 2018 Holiday Update

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Re: Architect Homes 2018 Holiday Update

Post by SimmerDown » 05 Jan 2019, 14:30

ErinPW wrote:
04 Jan 2019, 09:28
There are new architect homes.


The premium house shown on the standard beach front lot (there is also a skate board lot and a chateau lot) has the black dishwasher! I'm totally jazzed, because I didn't even attempt it in my main game, because I had such low resources to start with! And, I never did finish the home theater challenge and it has all sorts of stuff from that event too! Yeah me!!!!! :D
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Re: Architect Homes 2018 Holiday Update

Post by ErinPW » 41 minutes ago

There are new architect homes again.

Jan. 18th
The first one (can be buit on both lot sizes) includes a black dishwasher.


Jan. 18th


Jan. 18th
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