[EVENT] Sleek Stockings

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Re: Marketplace Events - Chat & Info

Post by SKatF » 07 Dec 2018, 07:34

Well the last two rounds went MUCH easier and I finished the event. So take heart if you terrible rounds, your luck may change.

Suitable to the holiday season, Noel Claus is my hero sim. She gave me my last two pair of ChiChi heels.
Noel is a very modern Mrs. Claus who refuses to wear the sexualized outfit provided by the game.
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Re: [EVENT] Sleek Stockings

Post by randy_thrandy » 09 Dec 2018, 23:11

SKatF wrote:
06 Dec 2018, 06:11
mockingbird288z wrote:
06 Dec 2018, 03:36
I finish both stocking events with very little trouble (less than a day) and not too many repeats. I used 24 sims on the first one and 26 sims on this one. I hope my luck continues for the upcoming hair event!
Very jealous.A gazillion repeats. But am making progress.
hahah, i'm envious too! :D i've had a terrible bad luck with the chi-chi heels. let's hope they'll behave from now on, i've only got 30-ish hours left. :S
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Re: [EVENT] Sleek Stockings

Post by RubyRed » 09 Dec 2018, 23:15

I was lucky and finished on the first full day for me. ya love em, will be making my sims look even better.

Edit: On a side note my game glitched for a day or so after I got done. Its fixed itself, but bleh.
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