Any way to change a preteens surname?

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Re: Any way to change a preteens surname?

Post by ErinPW » 10 Aug 2018, 06:14

tangerine wrote:
10 Aug 2018, 00:23

I know this is an old thread but it seems the problem of abandoned and orphaned children (toddlers and preteens) is still an issue. I have a preteen living alone who wants to move back in with her divorced mom (both parents are still alive). […]
I don't think this issue has changed within the last years. There is no way to move an alone living preteen as long as one or both parents are living in town. No sim can move in to the preteen and no other sim can adopt the preteen :(
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Re: Any way to change a preteens surname?

Post by tangerine » 10 Aug 2018, 07:57

That's frustrating. It's okay to have abandoned children when their parents get invited to live somewhere else, but when you have parents who get divorced and one wants to move out into a new home by themselves, you get an error saying they have to stay home to take of the child, even though the other parent is still living there. It's crazy.

I just noticed that a dog moved in with the preteen even though that family didn't have any pets. Poor thing was stuck all day in an unrenovated room upstairs with no doors or windows. I think the dog must have been a puppy that got carried somewhere by mistake. Looks like pets find their original owners eventually. Kinda cool, but now I have Gabrielle, a giant German Shepherd, living in a penthouse with no grass while her friends Xena, Hercules and Iolaus are living it up at a beach side house. They should have tiny dogs like the teacup pigs that can live happily in penthouses and houseboats.
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