The Day of the Sniffids

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Re: The Day of the Sniffids

Post by Simbellini » 18 Dec 2018, 16:39


When Blaize looked back to the window she gasped. It was still snowing but a crowd of strange characters were gathering outside. She could see...Jack Frost and ...Wumples and..the wizard who was attempting a bit of unsuccessful crowd control. Then she saw a pirate, a nanny and an odd assortment of sprites and elves and...what? Candy monsters? And there were Bree and Susan Sparks having a ferocious argument.

"Frank, Frank" she shouted.

He joined her at the window and pointing his finger he turned a little pale. Blaize followed his stare to where she could see a strange figure doing a comical dance.

"Oh" she laughed "that's Osiris."

Frank shook his head and pointed to the tall cloaked figure facing Osiris who was holding some sort of scythe.

"I recognize that one. I used to watch from behind my drapes while that thing drifted around and the town disappeared. That's the Grim Reaper and its come to snatch me!"

"No it's chaos!" Said Blaize " out of control. Complete anarchy!"

But then the steaming monkeys appeared behind Frank and gave one of their nerve shattering shrieks when they saw what was happening outside. This was a much more serious glitch than Frank and giving him one last threatening look they all bounded out of the door chattering

"Nooo! To the park! The park!"

Frank and Blaize were astounded. As soon as the monkeys reached the crowd all the characters stopped arguing and gesturing and turned to them. Then they all formed an orderly line behind the monkeys and marched off up the road with the wizard stomping grumpily behind them. They did a sharp left at the community centre and disappeared.

"Well I'll be a monkey's uncle" said Frank scratching his floury head.
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Re: The Day of the Sniffids

Post by Simbellini » 21 Dec 2018, 15:51

And finally ...a conclusion!


"Now's our chance" said Blaize "I don't know if they'll keep their promises but I keep mine."

She ran over and took the lotus bases from their hiding place and then she told Frank they had to leave before the monkeys returned as she knew they had him in their sights. Frank said he couldn't because he had to wait in case his ex girlfriend Lee came back. So Blaize had to tell him the truth. Lee was safe and living in her town, Simwich and Blaize was sure she still loved Frank and had some special news for him.

Frank was overjoyed and with tears in his eyes said he would go with Blaize to Simwich if only he could take his imperial owl Orion and his enchanted mops Bill and Ted.

"You've really spent way too long in that cellar" she shook her head "naming mops!" But she agreed. Frank could stay with her and the commissioner for Christmas. Then in the New Year there were always jobs at the lab and always vacant houses.

So they piled the mops and the owl and his perch into Frank's car. Frank took one last sad look across town then he got into the car and they drove slowly up the road and turned in the direction of the still lit town sign towards the party boat and Simwich.

Snow fell quietly over the sleeping town. And so the story ends. Perhaps Frank,Lee and their baby would live happily ever after in Simwich - and perhaps one day this sleeping town would wake and be filled with inspired, industrious sims livin' that sim dream once again.

Thanks everybody and...Happy Christmas :D :D
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Re: The Day of the Sniffids

Post by kls1st » 21 Dec 2018, 17:20

"enchanted mops Bill and Ted." Aaaahahahaha :lol: :lol: :lol:
You totally nailed it! Im gonna miss Blaize and Frank a whole lot!
Thanks bunches :D
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Re: The Day of the Sniffids

Post by ErinPW » 21 Dec 2018, 17:47

Thanks for your stories, Simbellini! I really enjoyed reading 😊

Happy Christmas to you, too!
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