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Big Fat Sim Wedding

Posted: 13 Aug 2017, 10:02
by randy_thrandy
Okay so i hope this is the right place to post my little recounting of the very first actual wedding i've had in the game (all the sims before this particular lucky pair have been married wherever, however because their ruthless owner (me) was only in it for the babies. Honestly a terrible person to care for these little simulated peoples but I've tried to make amends by making this giant wedding (with lots of cake for everyone ^^).

Let's begin.

Re: Big Fat Sim Wedding

Posted: 13 Aug 2017, 10:27
by randy_thrandy
Check out my picture from The Sims FreePlay.jpg
This is monsieur. Gustave H., the pompous go-to guy that throws parties, weddings, ceremonies (and sometimes, if need is dire, a funeral).
Next to him is the bride's brother Chris, an akward (married) doctor, doesn't knwo what to do with his hands and is sure he looks ridiculous dressed up like that. Guests should be arriving any minute now [cue to monsieur G. checking again if his decorative handkerchief is sticking out h+of his breast pocket just right, perfectly fluffed and conveying the proper joyous enthusiasm for the moment]

the first guests are here! it's Chris' two sons and a very pansied up young lad in purple shirt who turns out to be mr. Gustave's date for the night.

And here comes the al Khalifa family... minus the other twin daughter who is currently busy being an adult despite the fact that the girls are twins but someone has to grind for a platinum orb I desperatelly need and so dear Danuta cannot attend this glorious affair. it's all the same to her tbh, she's more of a geeky type and hates fuss. and heels. :S her sister however... took the opportunity to plaster on so much makeup her own mother has problems recognizing her.

The groom has arrived! ...along with his buddy Charles who can't for the life of him lose the dreadful hairdo. Ah well... (if you look closely you'll see monsieur Gustave checking out someone's butt but i assure you it's purely to make sure the pants are blemishless and fir perfectly. Monsieur G. takes his job very seriously... )

Re: Big Fat Sim Wedding

Posted: 13 Aug 2017, 10:51
by randy_thrandy
[mean while in bride's fix-up room...]
Verity Peregrine's about to get married and has all the usual jitters and pre-marital doubts one's supposed to have before pledging themselves to another for all eternity. Luckily, her two bridesmaids, Max (the one with the blasphemously gorgeous curls) and Pilar (mint dress on the right) are there to encourage her (and suggest she fix her complexion because oh dear, youv'e got a itty bitty spot righte there! i have a sPOT?! WHERE!? stop with this nonsnense i't's abrely visible! no but it's there, just a bit of concealer- I AM AN UGLY BRIDE ;A; Pilar I swear to god look what you've done )

al khalifas.jpg
Reinforcments are soon called from the downstairs lounge.
Bridesmaids are now present in full numbers, bickering and adivising (and more or less screaming) in a lovely cacophony. Without it, no wedding day could be perfect. ^^

Still, as the fights over concealer shades continue to go on, more guests are arriving, amongst them the Flint family with auntie Miranda. They are greeted by the now increasinly nervous groom Jens.
Check out my picture from The Sims FreePlay (3).jpg
Whilst the more sociable half, John and Miranda, were happy to come, Flint and his adopted daughter Abigail are more of the 'holy crap, that much people in a crowd make me nervous :/// ' type.

So Abigal went to sit in a corner and post on tumblr what a disgrace of a day this is, her being forced to wear a dress (and actual dress! a skirt! impossible to sit properly in it! terrible!) and have her fingers pried away from her guitar she usually practices hours on end every day. wearing casual clothes, not this ... polkadot abomination!
Check out my picture from The Sims FreePlay(12).jpg
... and her father James sneaked into the kitchen to get himself a sip of something reassuring.

Re: Big Fat Sim Wedding

Posted: 13 Aug 2017, 11:25
by randy_thrandy
The other kids are in the lounge/reception. Well, at least attention-craving Sheba and a very uninterested, phone-clutching Lucas are.

Seeing Lucas is, just like Abigail, only good for sitting in his room making that stupid noise (he plays drums and sometimes he and Abigal will jam together. awesome times), Sheba decided to look for company elsewhere and where better than in the vicinity of Lucas' younger brother Daniel, the visibly gay (Sheba considers this with a slight disappointed frown) gossip boy.
Check out my picture from The Sims FreePlay(3).jpg

they have good time gossiping until the only band member that isn't a complete introvert, arrives. It's Jack Vane, Charles' son and just like his father, he's got that type of overdone macho charisma, that works all too well on girls. He's also got a reasonably nice voice and a semi-acceptable sense for music, which makes him the band singer. Sheba in is thrilled. Daniel is a bit less thrilled because hte kind of weird shade of blue Jack is wearing is SO. PASSE.
(in the background you can see a snoozing Lucas who grew tired of toying wiht his phone and is now fast asleep on the lovely romantic bench, swing, whatever that decorative thing is).

Further away from the kids are the men, chatting and patting each other on the back.

Pretty sure each and every one is eyeing the large punch fountain up there on the balcony.

Oh but someone beat them to it!
wine mom.jpg
it's the infamous Maddeline Peregrine, bride's sister and incorrigible wine mum. :D cheers, Maddeline!

Re: Big Fat Sim Wedding

Posted: 13 Aug 2017, 11:50
by randy_thrandy
The bridesmaids are still in the bride's room, perfecting all there is to perfect (and also exchanging gossip and making sure the two bottles of french champagne with accompanying strawberries that were left on the cute little table in the corner are steadily disappearing... )
Dear Maddeline is sleeping off all the punch, poor women. Hope she's up and about in time for the ceremony!

The last few guests are arriving:
Check out my picture from The Sims FreePlay (1).jpg
Kirill, that's suposed to work the bar (how suitable since he, also, is too fond of the bottle).

And Clara Cheng, the respectable police officer on her way to become the first female chief even, possibly even before she reaches 40 years of age, who sadly cannot dress right for any occasion classier than going to the gym. Ah well... you tried, Clara, darling, you tried.
Check out my picture from The Sims FreePlay.jpg

Now I'm afraid I'll have to put this on hold for a second as real life and its tedious obligations are demanding to be dealt with.
I hope whichever audience this sim wedding story has attracted is having fun reading about my sims' adventures on this special day. Thank you!

Re: Big Fat Sim Wedding

Posted: 13 Aug 2017, 12:35
by telemwill
I love it!

Re: Big Fat Sim Wedding

Posted: 13 Aug 2017, 13:54
by BlueIndian
Wow..its good...sadly I never marry my sims properly...They are always grinding for LPs :/

Re: Big Fat Sim Wedding

Posted: 13 Aug 2017, 16:36
by SKatF
Great story. Makes me sad that we can't really have everyone in town attend a wedding due to 10 SIM lot limit

Re: Big Fat Sim Wedding

Posted: 13 Aug 2017, 17:34
by Voldyslovechild
This is really fun!

Re: Big Fat Sim Wedding

Posted: 13 Aug 2017, 20:49
by contrarysims
Favourite character right now is Maddeline, heading straight for the booze. Get it, girl. I hope we see more of what she gets up to at the reception!